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Animal communication is listening to your animal friend in their language for their viewpoints regarding all things. Bebe receives telepathically thoughts, impressions, feelings (both physical and emotional), images, olfactory sensations and more as part of her “listening” process. This process requires the interpretation be filtered through the communicator, therefore judgment and personal expectation must be suspended by this individual. No matter who you speak with as a communicator, that person must do their best to keep clear for accurate information to be provided. Bebe can describe physical pain or dysfunction but cannot substitute as a Veterinary professional. The information provided can help guide you and your vet to a return to health for your animal friends. Bebe can recommend gentle treatments with herbs, energy treatments, Bach Flowers and homeopathic remedies to assist what your veterinary professional recommends. Energy healings are also available from Bebe.

The most important thing you can do with your animal friends is to treat them respectfully. After you have listened to the animals’ views you can see a change in attitude or behavior just because you took the time and interest to hear their viewpoint. Animals are spirit in body just as humans are spirit. By recognizing their own spirit you are honoring the animal in the manner in which they deserve. They respond to you in the same manner, with honor and respect. Behavior problems can often be negotiated and cleared by simply understanding what the animals motives are. There are many other reasons to talk with your favorite animals.

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Bebe Daniel

Some typical questions people ask are:

My animal acts scared when there is no clear reason to be frightened. How can I help?

My animal is very sick and may die. How do I know when or if euthanization is right? What does she want me to do?

I lost my animal. Can you help me find him?

Why does my animal seem sick when the vet finds nothing wrong?

I am thinking of getting a companion for my animal, does he want one?

My animal urinates in the house. Can you find out why?