The Healing Power of Animals

The Healing Power of Animals

I am constantly surprised to learn that many people don’t know, or don’t realize, that there are animals whose purpose is simply to heal one or more people around them. Think how great it would be if we could turn to our loved pet and ask for a healing. Well, that is entirely possible. Research in this area is beginning to explode. We no longer have to think of the Saint Bernard as the only dog to rescue man. Latest research indicates that the canine nose and senses can be trained in a myriad of ways. Miniature Schnauzers are currently being trained to sniff out cancer. They are being used in medical facilities to prevent exposure to radiation from other detection devices. Dogs are being trained to sense when seizures will occur and to warn the humans to lie down before falling and injuring themselves. Just imagine how many more possibilities are yet to come.

After using my Miniature Schnauzer, Annie, to heal my cancer, I am a definite believer in all possibilities. I did guided imagery meditations during my chemotherapy treatments to cure my breast cancer. I could see Annie going through my body licking up cancer cells, every last one. She, indeed, acquired my cancer in that process and was not able to help me during my final chemotherapy treatment. She, instead, trained Josie (another Miniature Schnauzer) to take her place. How surprised I was to see Josie during my last chemotherapy session. Some people say, “How cruel to let your dog die of cancer!” I believe that it is our gift to have our dogs and it their gift to fulfill their destiny as healing dogs. Not every animal has that gift. They are here for many different purposes and they are pleased when they fulfill their purpose. We are blessed together when we have shared such selfless love with our animals.

One morning I got up knowing I had to drive to Raleigh to conduct a week-long workshop for educators. I swung down the stairs to let the dogs out, not knowing that I had vertigo. I staggered to the back door, let them out to potty, and crawled back to the kitchen table. I called the doctor for help and had a prescription ready to be picked up with the caution not to drive. While my relative was gone for the prescription, I thought about Josie. She had been trained by Annie so maybe she could help. I stretched out on the sofa in the only position that didn’t have my head swimming. I put Josie on the sofa and let her go to work. Disappointedly, she jumped down and told me she was too tired to be successful. I needed to use Lillie. (Lillie is the dog that Josie trained. The difference in Lillie’s healing is that she doesn’t absorb the disease. She treats and then throws the energy off by tossing her head into the air.) I picked Lillie up and asked her for help. For fifteen minutes, Lillie placed her paw on my shoulder, stared deeply into my eyes, and then tossed her head back to release the illness. She repeated this ritual until she was through and then jumped off the sofa. I stood up gingerly, holding on to the arm of the sofa. I straightened up and tested myself. There was absolutely no vertigo. I felt as if I had recovered from a week-long bout of the flu. In minutes, I was off to Raleigh thanks to Lillie.

What’s next? We’ve barely scratched the surface. If you have a furry friend who heals, reward him/her by sharing the gift. You will be amazed and will partner in the blessing.

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This article was published on Sunday 02 January, 2011.
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