About Bebe

Bebe Daniel

Animal Communicator, psychic, medium, healer

Bebe’s professional experience includes twenty-five years counseling people and their animals through problems within the home and in relationships. She has had this ability to communicate with animals since childhood, however in the last decade or so has used it to assist people in becoming closer with their animals. Using Healing Touch and Reiki energy techniques she assists both people and animals in healing.

As an animal advocate who has learned to communicate with animals in their way, her focus is on bringing people and animals together through understanding and communication. Her use and focus of this skill is counseling animals and people through physical, emotional and behavioral difficulties as well as assisting in closure with animals who have made the transition. Her communication with animals is not limited to household pets; it can include any type of animal tame or wild.

Combining holistic forms of healing she also assists animals and people in both emotional and physical release. Her ability with animals includes shape shifting for symptom identification and holistic techniques, which combined with proper medical and veterinarian treatment, can assist in health and happiness.

Bebe is a  Reiki Master, and Healing Touch energy worker for people and for animals. She has a bachelor’s degree in both psychology and social work that was received from the University of Southern Mississippi. She specializes in personal, vocational, and grief counseling as well as women’s issues.

As a minister, Bebe is a spiritual counselor who emphasizes the goals of The Alliance of Divine Love. (Please see Alliance of Divine Love Goals page). Helping people gain insight and compassion in their own lives and the lives of others, she works through identifying and acting out of the greatest degree of Love in all situations.

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Bebe Daniel