Alliance of Divine Love



FIRST: To pursue unity and a common purpose so that our energies and time will be well spent.

SECOND: To seek and share knowledge that promotes spiritual and mental growth while insuring stability and balance.

THIRD: With wisdom and joy, teach and put into practice a philosophy of life that inspires and brings out the true beauty of the soul, sharpens the mind, and renders us master of our destiny and of greater service to our fellow man.

FOURTH: To learn and share the secrets of the purest kind of love that leaves no room for fear, adds fulfillment and quality to life, and perfects each individual.
The Alliance of Divine Love began long before you and I walked the earth; indeed, before the earth and universe were even formed. The entirety of Creation is linked through Divine Love’s relationship or alliance with Itself. Love forever seeks greater degrees of Itself within Itself. Thus, the beauty of each spring flower, each songbird’s melody is formed — that Love may find Itself through creating beauty and joy within Itself. All the joy, peace, and happiness that you have ever felt is Divine Love. In creating you, It found one of Its greatest joys, and It now seeks to draw you closer to Itself. Its constant drawing of you nearer to Itself is called spiritual development. Through this process, you will be led to happiness and degrees of Love beyond your wildest visions.

The Alliance of Divine Love, Inc. (ADL) was legally formed upon the earth to aid in Divine Love’s process of mankind’s spiritual development. It is a channel for workers and guides from the Organization of Light to present Higher teachings from realities beyond earth. ADL workers on the earth plane are carefully chosen to be helpers of the Organization of Light.