Client Testimonials


My cat Emily had been driving me crazy for several months with her negative attention getting antics. I want you to know what a huge difference I’ve seen in her since speaking with you. She used to wake me at 3 AM demanding food and then only eat a teaspoon of it, she would jump in my path so we would have mid-aircollisions and she would knock everything off the table. You name it-she’d do it. I’m telling you she was tap dancing on my last nerve.

But since your conversation with her she has been a little angel. She’ll come over and lay with me, hasn’t shredded anything, and jumps on the table without disturbing anything, etc. I realized by trying some new ways of feeding that she wants to eat with me, even when I have just coffee she wants to be right there. I ‘ve been viewing that as a nuisance-can’t I have my coffee in peace? But now I get something for her to munch on before I pour my coffee so we “dine” together. It’s just been so pleasant since she is behaving differently.

Thank you again for having a chat with Ms Emily and working out a plan whereby we can live together in a much more pleasant environment. Your compassion and expertise is much appreciated.

BL  Florida

Bebe was recommended to me by two very reputable sources. I immediately scheduled a conference call. Bebe was wonderful! The first thing Desi, our precious Maltese told her is that he was capable of  immigrating to New Zealand (NZ) from the USA despite the travel and quarantine ordeal. Having studied astrology myself for years, I am struck by how effective animal communication is.

During our conference, to our amazement, speaking with Bebe was the turning point in Desi’s life. Reportedly, he was the best behaved during quarantine time! Desi’s progress didn’t stop there. NZ agrees with him, he does “love the fresh clean air” as he told Bebe.

I so love to hear Bebe’s voice and she is truly an inspiration for the entire family. Thank you Bebe, for Open Wing Communication and for offering our Maltese a chance at a full and happy life!

Nancy, New Zealand

“I believe some divine guidance was involved the day I found Bebe. I needed help in diagnosing why my dog was acting so sick and a different animal communicator that I had used before was out of town. With Bebe’s insights and knowledge, I was able to tell the vet his real symptoms quickly, for what turned out to be a reaction to a drug they had prescribed for an ear infection. Also, she was able to identify and help him with other behaviors related to fears and emotions that I had been addressing with various professionals for a year. Every time, Bebe goes the extra mile to help with additional resources for both my dog and now even me. It is a pleasure to deal with such a caring person”


Concord, NC


” Our beloved animals are very special to us. We could do so much more for their well-being if we knew what they were thinking, right? In our case, our horses are also our livelihood. We have the privilege of owning a world famous foundation breeding stallion. We also show horses and prior to our National Show in 2002, we contacted Bebe Daniel to see if she could determine why our National Show Champion was swishing his tail whenever in the ring. Being somewhat skeptical and a disbeliever, I persuaded my husband to give Bebe an opportunity to prove her animal communication talents. And if nothing else, we could chalk up the reasonable investment as fun entertainment. Bebe knew nothing of us, our business, our horses and we wanted to keep it that way so we could see of she could talk to our horses. The experience was amazing! Bebe spoke to our horses, one by one, and to our delight, she told us things about them no one would have known unless we had shared such information. Our champion show stallion stopped swishing in the ring after Bebe told us why he was doing it and how “he” wanted us to correct it. But the true proof came when he won the distinct honor of Reserve National Champion at our National Show! We strongly recommend Bebe Daniel and will continue to use her services for our animal communication needs.”


Charlotte, NC


As a wildlife rehabilitator, I have found Bebe’s assistance to be invaluable.  I recently had to make a decision about the releasability of an adult raccoon who had been turned over to me for evaluation. While I could see marked physical improvement from when I’d first met her, I was still not sure if she could fend for herself in the wild.

I decided to ask Bebe for help so I could discuss the situation with the raccoon directly.  We discovered that while her health had improved, things were probably not good enough to ever give her a normal shot at a life in the wild.  Unfortunately, her care prior to coming to me was not what it should have been and she was fearful of being in the care of humans for the rest of her life.  When asked if she would rather have a short but happy life in the wild, versus a safe, longer, but potentially unfulfillinglife in captivity, she could not decide.  She didn’t feel she was strong enough to survive in the
wild and she wanted to be safe, but could not trust humans to care for her permanently.

After discussing the situation at length, it became apparent that if she were able to trust humans, she would rather be safe and cared for. The happy ending to this story is that she has been placed in a wonderful sanctuary where they love and care for their animals.  She now has a cage mate (who is also unreleasable) so she has friends, safety and love.  Bebe helped us find the right solution for this little one.  Thanks Bebe!

MAC  Indiana


Just wanted to say thanks for talking to me and my animal friends yesterday. I was amazed by the accuracy of what you said – you summed personalities up beautifully, and were bang-on when it came to explaining Fabio’s background. I think it was the mention of Roger, the dark brown rat
brother, and Fabio’s liking for grapes which truly clinched things for me! My partner, who is very skeptical, could not believe what he was hearing and admitted to being ‘very impressed’…


Middlesex, United Kingdom


My husband and I obtained information about Bebe from our pet sitter. She had said that Bebe had a good reputation and we had just acquired another kitten and wanted to know something about her. I had initially considered taping that first phone session but as our appointment neared, I thought “Really how good can this be?” I decided to take notes… there I sat with a pad as Bebe began to communicate from our new kitten “Amber-Lee” and my mouth dropped and hung open in amazement… I had been troubled if it was right to keep her after finding her one day on the road…the very first words she spoke to Bebe were “I belong here” Amber has amazed us all for she is a very spiritual incredibly enlightened cat! I have no doubt, because of all that was said that Bebe was reading her correctly.

I am so grateful to know for sure who she is for it restores to me that sometimes elusive knowing of the eternal love that exists. And our pets that come to be with us, they bring that love no less, and being unconditional, perhaps it is purer. Amber is a teacher as are most pets, if only we listen. I think I ‘heard” Amber say that herself!

On Christmas a few weeks later my husband gave me a gift certificate for our other nine animals to receive readings from Bebe. I don’t know if it was my gift or theirs, but I think it was both. And our other nine animal readings were just as incredible and insightful. We became connected on a level beyond describing for now I understand them as I never could before. I also know what made some of them unhappy or upset and what made some even ill. I know where they come from, their life stories and mine or my husbands connection to some of them in past lives… We know more about our precious pets, and we embrace each of them more profoundly than ever before, because the bridge of communication built through Bebe’s readings. And, we will never regret the decision we made to reach out to her for their sake.


Alpharetta, GA.

We have a Lakeland terrier whose owner kept him in a cage in a basement for the first 8 months of his life. When we brought him home with us, he had a lot of fear and social issues, which with some obedience training and lovefrom us seemed to get better. Unfortunately last year he had a couple of traumatic incidents happen – the worst being an attack by a large dog where he received substantial injuries. He forgot all the housebreaking rules, all his fears returned, and he became overly aggressive. After much research we found Bebe on the internetand contacted her to see if she could help Chipper. She came to our house and spent about an hour and a half with us. We were very impressed with her insight into his problems, and her calm and happy disposition while she was with him. Bebe gave us some very helpful ideas/treatments to help him through this. Although he still has some issues, and probably always will due to his unjust treatment as a puppy, he is much improved! We thank Bebe for helping us and we hope to work with her many times in the future.

Vi and Doug

Charlotte, NC

My Tess, a calico Persian, was sent to me as a healer and teacher. When her work was done and she was called home I was devastated. After having done all I could to help her with the cancer that grew in her breast, I finally had to let go and accept the inevitable…The psychic healer I had been working with gave me the name of an animal communicator so that I could speak with Tess to be sure her wishes were met…I was on a mission to find other communicators to see what they would tell me. I wanted to know I could trust what I was told. Serendipity, spirit and the internet brought me to Bebe. I have looked no further. I like that Bebe had “always” talked to animals and didn’t just learn this skill. I liked her gentle sweet accepting style, and most of all I love the detail and personality quirks she could share with me. Bebe had my three girls pegged. I have spoken with Tess in spirit and my two other cat companions, Annie and Molly on several occasions. The girls gather around when Bebe is on the phone. I can’t begin to tell you of the joy and sweetness that fills my heart and the peace of mind that I feel with these conversations…I have now come to realize that our animal friends are God’s “energy generators” little bundles of love that are gifted to us, so that we may grow, heal, love and learn. Bebe has opened my eyes and heart even wider for this and I will always be grateful…”


Miami, Florida


I believe there are people out there who can communicate with our animals and even with our loved ones past. I also believe there are people out there that claim to be able to do this but who are actually fakes…con artists. That being said I am going to tell you of my experience with one such person, the real deal, not the fake.
I was given a gift, a session with a animal communicator, Bebe Daniel
I of course wanted to talk to my rats. I emailed Bebe to set up a time to call and I included the names and colors of each rat, that’s it, nothing else. I had never spoken to her before nor had I divulged any information about my self or my rats.
I called with my sweet Sara and Hanna in my lap and waited for the conversation to begin. I first wanted to talk to my Sara so I said “lets start with Sara, my agouti girl” I then explained what agouti was.
She started by telling me Sara was a very loving, caring soul who wanted me to know she really enjoyed the time we spend together and she is very happy that I take the time to hang out with her a lot, she then asked if I could please not kiss her belly. I told her it would not be possible to not kiss her belly as I thought it was just to cute. Sara then asked if I could hold her differently when I kissed her belly and then it would be ok. I asked each rat how they were feeling and if they were happy. Sara was very happy and feeling fine, so I left it at that.
I had ten rats to get through so I did not spend a lot of time with each. Almost forgot, at the beginning of the conversation the communicator told me I did not need to be holding the rats, I had not told her i was. I moved on to Hanna. She told me how independent, energetic my Hanna is, she then told me that Hanna has a big problem with being picked up, she doesn’t like it and she feels like she gets no respect because she is the smallest, Hanna wanted me to ask her before I was going to pick her up and to not just grab her. Hanna said she felt great and was very happy. Since we had our conversation, and I have started asking permission to pick her up Hanna has stopped trying to squirm out of my hands and has stopped trying to run away when i go to get her.
I moved on to George. First thing she asked me was, do you sing to him, i told her yes and she told me George would rather I did not. When asked how he felt he said he was fine just not much energy, he is satisfied, not really happy but not sad either, pretty much he is a low key kinda guy and pretty content to be left alone. I asked if he liked his new cage mates, his reply was they were fine and that he really enjoyed cuddling with smudge…who he is always snuggled up with. Let me tell you, Smudge and Norman are my new boys I got to keep George company, I had never even mentioned them as I knew I would not have the time to talk to them and figured I would get to them on another call IF I felt she was worth calling back. I have since started George on a vitamin B complex and he is much more active and bright eyed and seems to be feeling a bit happier.
I moved on to my Chuey. She first asked if Chuey was fat, a big boy…yes he is. She then proceeded to tell me about his pain in his hip…he has arthritis, he said it wasn’t to bad and only bothered him sometimes, she then said he had a sharp pain in his right eye and pain in his lower left jaw or possibly the pain was radiating from his left ear. All of this I had no clue about, other then the hip thing. Chuey was showing no sign of pain or illness but yesterday I took him to the vet to get him checked out. Chuey has an inner ear infection and an ulcer on his right eye, all of which would have gone untreated if it were not for the communicator.
We talked with each one of my rats, all of them telling me something very specific to them. I am very impressed and very thankful I talked with her. That’s my story, take it or leave it, just thought I would share.


Phoenix, AZ.

“Thank you so very much for the reading with my “little ones” They were immediately calmer with everything. Reiki, the cat person, even stayed out around Annie and seemed quite okay, of course from a distance.”


Charlotte, NC

“Thank you again for bridging the communication gap within our family. We really appreciate the work that you do and can feel the love and the warmth of your actions. ”


Tampa, Florida

“When I first heard about Bebe’s ability to communicate with animals, I must admit I was skeptical, however, she has “brought me around”. She has impressed both my husband and me with her keen intuition. Her insight has helped us on several occasions. For us, learning from Bebe that we can also communicate with our animals has increased our enjoyment of our pets. It added a new dimension to the way we experience them.”


Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

A letter to Angel Animals:

Dear Angel Animals,

Just thought I would drop you  a note to tell you about a very healing experience I had last week. I saw a link on one of your newsletters to a page for Animal Communicators. This is not something I would normally do, but after seeing and episode of The Pet Psychic on Animal Planet a few weeks ago, I realized how much pain and grief I was still holding on to after losing our dear Deedee last year. So I found Bebe in Charlotte, NC… She spent about forty minutes with me and Deedee. I knew she was communicating with her because I would not tell Bebe much about what had happened. It was such a profound and beautiful experience for me. I had not been able to speak much about Deedee’s illness to anyone before speaking with Bebe. Although I had lost my mother just a few months before and had had many dreams and experiences with her to help me with my grief but none with Deedee. Bebe said Deedee had been to see me but my grief was keeping me closed to her. I highly recommend Bebe…


Alpharetta, GA

“Thank you for speaking with my two mastiffs Capt. Morgan & Stormy. I was very startled and touched to hear what Morgan said-he’s a heavy duty little guy, and Stormy has certainly come a long way since we last “Spoke.”


Miami, Florida

“I have had the great fortune of having Bebe come into my life. She has taught me so much about me as a spiritual being, and about my 10 year old Osicat, Chessie, as a spiritual being. I have attended many of her classes and her workshops… Because of our ability to communicate, Chessiehas become much more responsive, and much less nervous. When I am away on vacation or even for a weekend, my cat sitter reports a much calmer and friendlier cat. This is due to our continual communication, even at a distance….”


Stuart, Florida

“I have known Bebe for over 10 years.  It became clear early on that Bebe was much better at animal communication than I.  It is because of this I have relied on Bebe to help me communicate with my Beagle Molly and my Deceased Dog Joey. Repeatedly Bebe has spoken with Molly and clarified Molly’s intentions and needs. At one point I thought Molly to be a little dumb but this turned to stubbornness. Bebe has helped to make Molly’s transition into my home as pleasant as possible… In each instance Bebe’s assistance has provided insight into a pet’s behavior facilitating a resolution. I have found her invaluable with Molly especially during Molly’s brief adjustment to her new home.”


Tampa, Florida

“One of my breeding birds had died. I took her mate, a Quaker parrot into the house to help him through his grief. I was letting him fly around the bedroom, working with him to tame him down again. He flew at the screen and it fell out the widow. I knew he did not know how to survive in the wild… the next morning I spoke to Bebe on the phone, I thought he was history, Bebe said I was wrong. He was sitting in a tree, cold and scared but could hear the birds in my aviary. Bebe said I needed to keep calling him and tell him I would give him food and safety if he could find his way home. I called for an hour and went back inside. As I returned outside to the other birds I froze in my tracks, there was my lost bird. Since then he has been placed in a home as a pet and is completely content living in captivity. Without Bebe’s advice, I don’t think he would be here today.”


Plant City, Florida