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What is Telepathic Animal Communication? Telepathy is direct mind-to-mind contact between two beings. Telepathy works in person or across miles and is practiced by connecting with the animal and listening. Telepathy is not a “psychic” ability; it is listening with all parts of ourselves. We are all born with this ability. Animals communicate through feelings (both emotional and physical), images, all around sensing, and a knowing, creating a deep understanding of another species. All people are born with this “gift” and as we humans interact, we are directed to communicate verbally. Anyone can rediscover this ability by practicing bringing it to conscious awareness. Most people are already receiving these messages and responding to them on an unconscious level.

What do you mean Talk to Animals? Animal communication is done through Telepathic contact. The communicator acts as a link to your animal friends using this telepathic ability. The Communicators primary responsibility is to remain non-judgmental and ready to assist in people and animals understanding of one another. The communicator must open themselves to the unexpected. Animal Communication is spirit-to-spirit contact, a loving embrace of another species. I facilitate acceptance between humans and animals by opening myself to the animal’s truth and sharing it with the human caretakers. I can experience and describe emotional and physical feelings to guide the human to a better understanding of the animal. Often problems can be negotiated to a solution and cooperation is sometimes achieved by simply recognizing the animal as spirit in body. Many times just respecting the animal enough to ask what they are thinking and feeling can provide dramatic changes.

Do you work with any animal? Yes, I work with any domestic or wild animal, living or non-living.

How do I prepare for a consultation? You may want to write down some questions so you can focus on what is being shared. I will ask for a physical description and a name initially. All questions are welcome. The more open you are to the process yourself, even if skeptical, the easier it is to create a strong connection with your animal friend to receive clear understandable answers.

What is the cost and how do I make an appointment? The cost is $75 per half-hour appointment. For those with more than one animal fees go down after the first half hour. You can call me at the listed phone number or email me to make an appointment.  I will be in dialog with you as I interpret  your pets answers for you.  I will relate the answers right back to you.  Credit cards, money orders and personal checks are accepted as payment.

Do you do readings for humans? Yes, I receive information through my guides and yours. I can provide answers to specific questions as well as giving general guidance through life’s challenges.

What is Spiritual counseling? I assist people in finding their paths as well as clearing the blocks they may have in their energy field. We do this through insight-oriented discussion where the greatest degree of Love for all is taken into consideration. Energy healing may also be provided during a session to promote health and happiness.

What is a medium? A medium is a person who can see, hear, feel, smell or touch spirit from the other side. Some mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums, they say. I believe mediums are simply psychics with a great deal of experience.

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