Permission is granted to copy and redistribute these prayers on the condition that the content remains complete and intact, full credit is given to the author(s), and that it is distributed freely. Copyright Bebe Daniel

Elemental Dismissal Prayer
In the name of God
and all the powers of Heaven
I Command any evil presence to leave.
I request this energy be transmuted into Love
and return to the One
I now invite Love energy
to replace this space in my energy field and body


Circle of Protection Prayer

I draw a circle
of Divine Love and protection
Around myself
And in this Circle I place:
The white light of Peace
The Blue light of Healing
The clear red light of energy
And the powerful green light of prosperity.
And in this circle I further ask
That no one or nothing shall enter
If not for my own greatest good.


Animal Fatally Injured

Often people ask me how I deal with animals who have been fatally hit by vehicles.
Since I cannot save them all this is my prayer:
Bless this (animal, raccoon, etc) Creator
May it be surrounded by the Angels 
and lifted by their wings 
into Peace and Joy 
while being returned back to the One.

Violet Waterfall Protection Prayer for Home and Office

Violet Windows, violet doors
Violet ceilings, violet floors
Violet walls and violet halls,
All the Angels hear my calls
Clean up this space for us today
so we can be safe at work and at play.