What God can do

This story starts out with my having experienced a hopelessness. I was tired and depressed and had given up. Then, a dog walked into my life and changed it forever. He was sick in heart, mind, and body. Breaking my own rules about rescuing, I allowed him into my life, my home. Here he lived for two weeks at Owl Woods. I called him Miracle Bear because he found me by walking up my driveway in through my gate, though he was totally blind. When I put a harness on him while getting what he needed, he took it off, how I’ll not know. He began receiving love and care for the first time which he in this life so deeply desired, and relaxed into safety. His first words to me were “This is a good place to die” I thought I would save him, I told him so, and it turns out he saved me in record time. He returned to spirit two weeks later to show me himself with no mask. After he left I cried and cried. I couldn’t stop sobbing, not even for a breath. Finally I closed my eyes and I saw him. He sat in my minds eye so peaceful, no more skin disease, young and strong looking. When I looked into his eyes I saw fire. There was a literal fire in his eyes, and I knew in that moment I had seen God. Gods Love flowed to me from him, a love so deep description does no justice. I realized he had been sent to save me from myself, to give me hope.

Now, daily I look into the eyes of strangers hoping to find God there as I did in Bear. I look past the masks of victim, child, anger, boredom, prejudice, and seek the inner being hiding inside. I am forever changed by this gift from Bear, a catalyst in my life to remind me that we are all Spirit behind the masks we wear in this illusion we call planet earth.

I invite you to look into the eyes and the hearts of all you encounter, look past their masks of the moment, to see the spark of Spirit which holds them together in the storm of their lives. Seek this daily to reach the pinnacle of your own spiritual growth. Let those around you teach you even as you teach them that there is love in this world, you need only peer behind the masks of friends and strangers. Risk love, it is worth sharing.

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This article was published on Sunday 02 January, 2011.
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